Tony Sway – Give U Love

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Tony Sway Give You Love Lyrics

[Lupe Fiasco]
Sigga Sigga Sow
Love, love me now
In love cause I rap this
Feeling like Methodist, Baptist
So I church how I work
You know my worth
I search like emcees
In the dirt how I tempt these
As I go berzerk and move purses, move curses, how I does it
And everybody wanna know exactly what was it
“Were you at the inauguration Lupe?”
I don’t know, that sounds faker than a toupee
The line was kind of whack and it was kind of subtle but
I had to bubble up, she got a bubble butt
I like lookin’ but I don’t like hookin’
I be in the crack spot cookin’
Or was I? That may be rumor too
I got a tomb of two, on a mission
Introduce the young boy, west side, chi-town
My town, come through you gotta bow down
Uh, like Bow Wow, yeah
That’s dog, Snoop Dogg
Who y’all? Too false
And as my true comes better
I feel like this, I put it together, like
God put birds together with feathers
And bones and beaks
That’s how I do, every time that I speak
So who flew the coop? It was Lupe
Out the roof of the coupe
With the top down
Maybe in the trunk though
Where the emcees was kicking that bump so
I had to come though and hit them with the jump, oh
Now what’s jump? Let’s define that
Maybe it’s when you rhyme like me, when you rhyme that
Uh, and maybe that fire, or maybe something higher
The temperature of the minister
I’m into you like integers that’s a negative
And one’s and gun’s I got plenty of them
But I’m cool, I’m calm, I’m positive
But I’ll knock a nigga head off with the llama, kid
Yeah, but, let’s not provoke this, try and do this
Rap styles, no smoke shit
‘Cause I don’t believe in weed
I feel it holds you back, and whoever told you that
Was lying, fire, dying, flipping
I’m glad they put lean off the market
Now you a target
Now let’s hear them raps without that syrup, homie
I’m talking to you Tony. But who’s Tony?
Is it Montana, Ma, Momma, Fontana
Cheese on the cracker
I live it, wine, cheese, everything that I believe
Ramadan coming, starts on June 28th
I get slim, get straight, uh, and that’s how we move weight
You see was so fast that you didn’t even catch it
I’ll bring it back Ramadan we don’t eat going ratchet
Like I’m working on the car, she love me like I’m working on her heart
But I’ll be back there working on the bars, like it’s Coyote Ugly on the stand
A man, uh, bring out the cam, you should film this, record this
Uh, at the Grammy Awards they reward this
Uh, because I do it with a pourpose
But not a porpoise, ‘cause that’s like a whale
I mean purpose and that’s like a tail, never fail
When I do it, when they lock my homies up I bail ‘em out as well
That mean I lock ‘em and free ‘em
That’s how you do Lupe? And you give them per diem?
Yeah, these niggas G’s and they rock with me
We on the road they never stop with me
Shout out to D-boy, shout out to Anthony
Shout out to real niggas, Rick Ross ad-libs
Woo, I kill niggas, uh
And proceed to proceed
And put seeds in the ground with trees that grow leaves
Shout out to Yeezy, shout out to Barry
Shout out to Crespo my homie Sway looking scary
Was you gonna fuck Kanye up when you turned the mic off?
‘Cause I would have done the same thing if that nigga tried to strike off
But you know, sometimes you gotta let it breathe
And I know you got the answers, but they ain’t got the questions
So you gotta make quanswers
That means you say the question and the answer at the same time
This interview shit, if you ain’t know this is really interlude shit
I’m not even dropping hot bars yet, I do this
And my rudeness, exclusively clueless
I love Stacey Dash ass, explusive
Or maybe explosive another dosage
Shout out to Dosage out in Philly
Going really with Jazzy Jeff, now you know this
And I’m losing steam
It feel good, it’s like a dream
Shout out to SZA, shout out my niggas
TDE, Ab-Soul album coming on you niggas
(humming) And we rocking Tetsuo shit
Mission dropping,, oh shit
Oh no this your focus. the locust, the Lupe
The wrath, at, I’m out